Regional Affairs Report

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Regional Affairs Correspondent, Harris Chapman

Greetings to you again. There has been much talk here lately about a burnt out advertising executive who recently moved from back east. I haven't spoken to him personally, but the good word says he moved here after having his fill of the rat race. Apparently the little shack he bought had no electricity, no phones - no company.

He had read everything he could &, after a few weeks was getting a bit bored. One afternoon he saw the dust coming up way in the distance coming towards him, a while later a crusty old man got off a battered bike and put out his hand.

"Hello mate, I'm your closest neighbour, live about 20 miles up the road, thought we'd chuck ya a bash to welcome you to the area"
"Sounds great" said the ad-man.
"I hear you city boys like your drugs and drink so we'll get that in for ya."
"Sounds awesome" said the ad-man

"we tend to get a bit punchie and horny 'round here after all those drugs & drink though, can ya handle yerself if a blue kicks off or a bit of sex is on the cards?"
"I go alright" say the ad-man

"this all sounds great, what time should I come and what should I wear?"
"Doesn't really matter" says the bushie "it is only going to be you and me".......