Frank the Japanese Copper

Strolling about recently in Saitama recently, looking to enjoy a bit more of spring before it gets too hot for me to be walking about in the sun. If only there where more nice days like this.

As is often my fancy, this particular day had me heading towards a brand new shopping center. It was only 3pm but I was already half tanked on whisky.

It was then I met a very nice, young police sergeant. His name was Frank. Frank is in charge of a very safe, quite area next to the Shin-misato LaLaport.

Frank isn’t like other Japanese policemen. He never worries about hassling people about random bicycle checks, or gaijin cards. In fact he never even beats confessions out of suspects during undocumented interviews, or gropes high school girls in his time off.

Frank was exceptionally friendly and offered to give me a bird’s eye view of his precinct. We took off and were flying about for what seemed like hours.

I was lucky because Frank said he had enough whisky, and insisted I drink the rest all by myself.

Frank’s police box was perhaps the cutest, most non-confrontational police station I have ever encountered. Even Frank had to admit it was cute. And it was. Even by Japanese standards.

Even Frank’s Police car was cute. He said it gets excellent mileage.

He said he has would like to use the bicycle and mini scooter more, but his feet wont reach the pedals.

Thank you Frank! We salute you.