Rainy Season Thoughts

Well, well, well. Summer is here at last. Cant say I am the least bit happy about the arrangement, but like most salary men, I am pressing on regardless. I am sure the Japanese will find a way someday to avoid inconveniences such as summer. Once they put their minds to it, I am sure it can be achieved quickly. Look at what they have done with their transportation system, and mastery of high technology.

Isn't it amazing how everything springs to life at this time of year. In fact, at times it seems as though there is something popping out of every nook and cranny. Everything seems to be new again. This is probably one of the reasons I love it so much. The rain is a bit of a problem though, especially when one forgets one's umbrella, or there isn't one that can be readily stolen. I often think it would be great if Japanese companies like Hitachi, or Sharp could use their technology to make it so it only rains at night. Wouldn't that be great! In any case it would be much better than the current arrangement we have.

Plants in Japan during the rainy season sure are amazing too. Some grow at an enormous pace, taking over entire garden beds in what seems like only a few days.

As is the case with most Japanese people, I am a tremendously keen gardener. I have a few bonsai and even a couple of planter pots on my balcony. It helps me to maintain a bond with nature and nice atmosphere at my house.

I am not the only one keen on getting my hands dirty in the garden. Check out these photographs I took recently whilst walking about in Shinjuku.

A lovely mix of decorative and naturally occurring foliage if ever there was one.

Sometimes there are trees in these gardens. Often though, their leaves fall everywhere ad cause a right mess. If you are going to trim them back a bit like this one, its best to get in as early as possible. If you are genuinely serious about trimming them back and getting any wayward branches that could cause problems in early summer, then its best to start as early as possible.

Another problem many municipal councils have in Japan is city tree roots spreading every which way and upending roads and other paved public spaces like this one in Yokohama. 

Just goes to show what can be done a little bit of effort. Look at that paving. It doesn't keep itself level you know.

The final word has to go to this effort, once again from Shinjuku-ward.

Quite a fair bit of potential on display here. Much like me, its best days are either clearly in front of it, or well  and truly behind it. Very hard to tell at this stage.