Far Too Many Testes

Strolling along Omotesando again the other day scratching my balls when I happened across the horrendous spectacle of these two tragic specimens.

It appeared to be some sort of low budget photo shoot for a magazine or newspaper, but upon closer inspection it was immediately obvious that it wasn’t a story for one of the bigger ones like The Economist, or Time Magazine.

Yes, you’ve probably noticed why too. Just look at the way the photographer has framed the shot from the northwest by positioning the subjects with their backs to the early morning sun.

Any professional news photographer with experience working on that part of the boulevard would know it is at least 11:45am before the sun is high enough to rise over the zelkova trees and prevent the kind of shadow creep seen here.

But seriously though, I suspect that poor lighting is the least of the photographer’s problems here if she is aiming to get some usable shots here. Probably better to have left the lens cap still on.

Already very confused at the sight of 2 fully grown adult women standing in the middle of the road dressed head to toe in strawberry shortcake like outfits, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I moved into take a closer look and realised that these particular ladies had significantly more penises and testicles than your average female.

A bonus giggle was also had when the two pink things eventually nearly got run over by a dump truck driving through their photo shoot.

The truck drivers look of bewilderment turned into mild disgust as he also realized the two pink figures were actually blokes. Priceless.

I suppose its just goes to prove something I have said in these pages more times than I care to remember. Forget homophobia, and conservative attitudes etc. etc., the biggest enemy of the transvestite is the twin threat of chin stubble and the Adams Apple.