I got a bit of a shock the other morning whilst walking down Omotesando and into Meiji Dori towards Shibuya.

There I was, meandering along, minding my own business. Trying to decide where to have lunch now that Wendy’s has closed. When out of nowhere, amongst the Armani, Chanel, and LVMH bling I spied this establishment. 

Yes, you saw that correctly.

Needless to say, I didn’t bother going in.

If we ever needed proof that all the good brand ware names are already taken, I think we now have it.


I am not sure if the proprietor realized this before deciding on the name, but the Japanese people decided a long time ago that the word ‘gas’ would be interchangeable for a word in English known commonly as….fart.

Just think about that for a moment. Picture yourself walking down your local high street or strip mall and being confronted with this.

Or even this?

Would you go in?

Yeah, me too.

Like my father, these guys have the Gas look, and the Gas reputation.

Pull my finger.