A Big Fat Redhead Goes to the Beach

I was looking through this article in the Daily Mirror archives regarding British Princess Beatrice going to the beach in the Caribbean.

Predictably, the 19 year old princes looked like a rite slapper, and reliably, the tabloid pulled her up on it.

given this is basically just a 19 year old girl at the beach with her boyfriend, normally this wouldn't interest me. The paper ran a fairy harsh, if entertaining description of the outing, which initially I though was a touch out of order.

But after a glance at the accompanying photographs, I was a bit shocked. (Not as shocked as I was in Europe last year when a German women at a gas station lifted her arm to reveal a hairy arm pit, but still pretty shocked none the less.

For starters look at this thing. It resembles a beast of the deep.

Warts and all. Bea comes up for air.

The article also unnecessarily mentioned her Mum's toe sucking incident in the 1990's, so extra points for that. Its always good to hear about that again.

 Somebody tell them not to mate.

Better than the article though was the cattiness and nastiness of people in the comments section. Some people can be so dreadful cant they? Sitting there with a few drinks I couldn't help but giggle my way through the entire offering. 

And on that note, here are my favorite 10 comments directly from the article.
If she needs bodyguards at our expense the least they could do is look after her body. How can one so young have such an out of shape body?
- Andrea, Hemel Hempstead, UK

She could probably tuck em both in her bikini bottoms and do away with the bra peice.

She'll at least be worth having around at Christmas if members of the public lose their nutcrackers.

- Tracey, Paisley, UK

Crikey, look at those thighs!
- Lynzie, Plymouth Devon UK

Go'on mate, get stuck in. And make sure you touch the back of the tits as well.

Oh my god she is enormous - too much food and not enough exercise. Way way to large.

- Sarah, Gerrards Cross, UK

She is a hefty lass!
- Susan, Murphysharpe, UK

You know its summer when the gals start showing their belly buttons.

Child bearing hips I think...
- Mike May, Egham, UK
Why would anyone allow her to go out in that bikini, knowing she would be photographed, her figure clearly doesn't "support" the garment and her mother should be spending time teaching diet and exercise to her own children before she goes on TV teaching others. Bea, hit the gym!

- Mair Brady, Hedge End, UK

The great beast circled, toying with its prey.


What you would call "a bonnie lass"?
- Glyn, Southampton, UK

Oh dear! This is the first pic I've seen of her in a bikini, and hopefully the last. She's hardly a fairytale princess is she?
- John, Sevenoaks, UK

Two straps. Better be safe than sorry. And we appreciate it!

No matter how shocking her outfits, she wears them proudly, no matter that she should wear bras, she doesn't proudly, and no matter how much she probably shouldn't
- Oliver, Reading, UK