My Favorite Boners

They can hit you whilst you are driving the car, or they can come when you are standing at a bar.
It can appear when you are riding a cow, or pushing a plough. As a matter of fact Ive got one now.


That’s right, boners. And not just any old run of the mill standard boner. I am talking about awkward, prominent, regrettable boners.

For one reason, I just cant get enough of these little fellas.

It’s not easy to hide them is it. Sometimes if I am at work and get one, I usually just grab a stack of files, or my schedule diary and hold it out in front of the offending boner.

I am sure a lot of other guys must do this as well. It also has the positive spin off of making you look busy as well. Hell, odds are most guys walking around with files and folders are probably hiding a boner or two.

I bet this guy wishes he had a folder or schedule diary.

Some on the other hand, couldn’t give a bugger who sees them. Others, ( and I count myself amongst this number prefer to hide their boners where none would suspect it. Right under peoples noses.

Look at this cheeky devil. He probably waited until this ugly family gathered around for another boring happy snap during their vacation. It was probably shaping up to be quite a nice photo too, until this walrus thing wrestled them up half a mongrel.

I would have paid good money to see the looks on their faces when their photos came back from being developed.

Heres another good example of what I am talking about. Check out the cheeky grin on his face.

My other favorite boner variation is the sudden event of the half wood, with which perpetrator thinks doesn’t need hiding, or just completely gives up hiding.

Here are some of my favorites examples illustrating how the medium has developed over time.

Old Boney at his best

Definitely a senator who leans to the right.

Business as usual for this Princess no doubt.

The third, and final boner I would like to introduce for your consumption, is undoubtedly my favorite: The completely inappropriate boner.

They normally occur anywhere around small children, on crowded public transport, at a funeral, a family reunion, or during/ after an inappropriate subject is discussed.
Here are some for you to enjoy.