The Last Request

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Chaplian Fr. David Sarsbury

Sadly, it is not often enough that an organization as profoundly secular as the IoGT devotes space in these pages for matters of faith. While it would at times seem as though our readers are more attuned to the smut normally inhabiting my colleagues offerings, on this occasion as I have elected to recount an intriguing tale of conflict between one man’s personal sacrifice, and the decadent pleasures of the flesh and temptation.. I think there may be something in this for everyone.

As the Pope lay dying he is visited by an angel.

She tells him that before he dies, god has commanded that he must make love to a young virgin so he may know and understand the earthly pleasures he gave up his entire life. Despondent at first the Pope argues for a short time but then finally agrees to do it if certain conditions are met.

"First, she must be blind so she cannot see the desecration I will perform on her body!"

"Second, she must be mute so she can never repeat the unspeakable act I will be performing on her body!"

"Third, she must be deaf so she cannot hear the unspeakable acts I will be performing on her body."

The angel writes these down and begins to float away to report back to God. Just before he disappears, the Pope leans forward and says, "One last thing."

"What is it," says the Angel.

The Pope whispers, "Big tits."