2009 Christmas Gift Catalogue Release

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Chaplain Fr. David Sarsbury

Where does has 2009 gone? Yes, Christmas is upon us once again here at the IoGT, and as we approach this holy time of the year I find myself reflecting on society’s shifting attitudes towards the meaning and spirit embodied in this period of the Christian calendar. Chief amongst such concerns is the responsibility of a person in my position to strike an acceptable balance between being seen as above the conspicuous consumption orgy that all thinking people know Christmas to be, and of course personally capitalizing on the advantage of my religious affiliation. Not an easy thing to do. So with this in mind, it my sincere pleasure to unveil The Institute of Good Taste’s officially sanctioned Christmas gift for season 2009/10- ‘The Illuminator’.

RRP $22.99. Available at IoGT campus gift shops and selected affiliate retailers.