The Mixup

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Hospitality Manager Mr. Corey MacMillan

Evening again folks. Following the overwhelming response to my previous entry a few weeks back on the Ballerina, the IoGT asked if I would issue a follow up. Only too happy to oblige, and have selected a story right off the top shelf about a cash pot bar challenge from my pre institute days.

It began when a guy, strolled into the bar absolutely blind drunk and noticed a bucket behind the counter filled completely with cash.

He asked me "Is there a contest on to win that dough?" "Yep," I told him, "It costs $50 to enter, and then you have to do three things:

First you've got to knock out Spike, our 300-pound bouncer.

Then we've got a pit bull out back with an abscessed tooth, and it's up to you to yank it out.

Finally, the 90-year old Chinese lady who owns this place is upstairs. If you can give her a multiple orgasm, all the money's yours."

Well to say the least, Frank was well up for it. He paid the 50-buck fee and approached the hulking, heavily tattooed doorman.

With a single blow, Tony knocked Spike the bouncer cold.

Triumphant, Tony stormed into the bar's backyard.

The patrons listened to the pit bulls ferocious bark for several minutes, which was followed by a series of hysterical yelps.

Covered with nicks and scratches, he re-entered the saloon and yelled: "Two down! Now, where's that old Chinese broad with the abscessed tooth?"