Clinical Nursing Care

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Director of Clinical Nursing Care, Mrs. Elizabeth Ronaldson

Nursing homes can be funny places. I could tell you stories that would have you pissing yourself. Not literally of course. But as it happens, a majority of these stories tend to involve actual people actually pissing themselves. What’s even more amusing is that most of these people are rarely awake when the pissing happens! As entertaining as these stories obviously are, its probably better if I save them for another time as I highly doubt IoGT subscribers have tuned in to hear about a dayroom full of decrepit old bags filling their boots without realizing it twice before morning tea. Instead, here’s a absolute gem I recently overheard whilst trying to feign interest during a site inspection at one of our IoGT nursing facilities several weeks ago.

During the visit I came across 3 particular old ladies sitting side by side home reminiscing.

The first lady recalled shopping at the green grocers and demonstrated with her hands, the length and thickness of a cucumber she could buy for a penny.

The second old lady nodded, adding that onions used to be much bigger and cheaper also, and demonstrated the size of two big onions she could buy for a penny a piece.

 Not be outdone, the third old lady remarked, "I can't hear a word you're saying, but I remember the guy you're talking about."