Elderly Moments in Japanese Politics

Change is afoot in Japanese politics. On September 14th the Democratic Party of Japan will elect either Naoto Kano or Ichiro Ozawa as its new President, and thus the nations Prime Minister.

Given the ordinary people of Japan wont have much of a say in this process, tIoGT took to the streets to find out how the average Joe feels about the prospect of a 7th Prime Minister in 3 years.

When we realized how hot it is outside, we instead decided to pay a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Elder Assisted Living Facilty No. 64 in Sumida-ward to gain an insight into people’s thoughts on the possible circumventing of due democratic process.

Mr. Masatoshi Kawamoto
“Frankly, I couldn’t give a rat’s fucking shit who’s the Prime Minister. I’ve outlived 114 cabinets so far. I’ve still got most of my own teeth, and one of my own balls so damn the fuckin lot of them.”

Mrs. Keiko Nakamura
“I love the elections and the politics and all the fucking rest of it. I can remember meeting President Taft during his visit to Japan when I was a little girl. His had this enormous gock.”

Ms. Yuka Hasagawa
“Oh, Id likes to see a change. Give the new guy a chance. This current young fellow has been in for over 2 months now, so he should pack it in eh. Lets give someone else a crack at it and then fuck them off as well in 3 months! I think I just shit myself but am not 100% sure.”

Mr. Hiroyuki Fukuda
“Oh, I reckon none of them have any balls anymore. And speaking of balls you fucking wanker, move your chair! I think you might be on my ball sack. It goes all long in the hot weather.”

Mr. Takeshi Ogawa
“You know what? I’m as healthy as a bull. I’ve still got all my own teeth, and every day I manage to piss AND dump before 7:00am. Pity is I usually don’t wake up until well after 10am.”

Mr. Kenji Sakai
“Don’t ask me about the fucking election. I think the nurses are stealing off me. Especially the Phillipino one. She hates me because I shat on the floor once.”