Gay Adoption Debate

The debate on gay marriage just won’t go away will it. Heating up from time to time. Refusing to dissipate much in the manner of a festering, infected sore. Resurfacing every now and again sparked by events such as a trivial court case, or say the election of a minority coalition government forced to rely on a party with a pro-gay rights platform.

Given this blogs recent focus on macro economics, let’s look first at the financial side of the debate. As you will come to see, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag really.

For instance, I can say with some degree of confidence that nations and regions with established industrial output of goods and services relating to feather bowers, lubricant, sparkling sequence gowns, and those adorable calendars with muscle bound firemen, etc. tend to do extremely well should they be blessed with large numbers of openly gay consumers.

On the flip side though, big importer countries of khaki pant suits, sensibly designed shoes, and cats, suffer immensely should their population be burdened by heavy concentrations of lesbians. This is especially true for middle aged lesbians who are on average two thirds more likely to be very or somewhat thrifty in terms of their expenditure on fashion.

These facts being what they are, I would even say that while most fair minded people like me aren’t overtly bigoted towards homosexuals, and other groups with abnormal and exotic sexual tastes, there are some things about those folks that just don’t sit easily with people.

Here is a list that I made with the guys down at the pub.

- Those massive, unsightly adams apples, cheek bones, shoulders, and hands that drag queens have.
- The massive front-bums that middle aged lesbians have when they wear pants.
- Their propensity to have anonymous sex in public toilets.
- The vast aesthetical variance between movie lesbians and real lesbians.
- All that dreadful, butch leather that motorbike riders wear.
- Their need to slosh around in each others poo filled bowls in order to demonstrate their love.
- Fear of getting violently prison raped by a massive black man named Jamal.

Surely people’s attitudes would change remarkably if something could be done about only half of the things on this list?

To be honest with you for a change though, a lot of the angst of normal people towards reforming gay rights usually stems from the fact that once any given right has been secured-and hence becomes an acceptable social given-the debate/movement inevitably shifts towards securing something else.

Every victory always seems to be but a beachhead for achieving the next item on the wish list.

This is probably where most reasonable citizens objection to gay marriage comes in. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to work out what comes next once gay marriage has become openly acceptable, and large numbers of homosexual couples are successfuly living happily together.  Adoption.

You are probably thinking society would never allow that to happen. No, accepted norms change, and there will inevitably be a debate on this topic.

It will begin with people on the fringes of left leaning society, but slowly gather small pockets of acceptance. Eventually homosexual adoption will gain a legal beach head in forward thinking societies. Though-much like gay marriage-it will struggle to gain traction and be legistalted/repealed/relegistlated/re-repealed etc. etc. in an endless cycle, it will eventually become acceptable for two men or two women to adopt a baby.

It may take upwards of a half century, but eventually in lack of a clear consensus public opinion will develop will develop into two camps.

On one hand people who think it isn’t such a bad idea given that there are plenty of underperforming heterosexual (normal) parents. And on the other, people who think it is unwise to leave practicing homosexuals unsupervised in the presence of children or animals.

Personally I concur with both arguments. Especially given that plenty of heterosexual people, even some as normal as actor Richard Gere, have a well published record of animal sexual abuse.

Given that adoption may be considered the “finish line” of pro-gay activism, where will their attention turn once it is secured?

In all likelihood they will form a coalition with Richard Gere with the express aim of securing their rights to lay with animals.

Richard isn’t making isn’t working any more, so this is also inevitable.

Initially the gerbils will seem as though they are getting the rough end of the stick on this deal, but frankly I don’t see it like that. Presumably, many gay man have a much more spacious anus cavity than Richard Gere, so many gerbils will actually stand to benefit big time. (Except the ones that still get inserted into Richard Gere’s bum. Their workplace will largely remain unchanged.)

Eventually though, one can only assume the gerbils will seek to organize into labor unions and demand better remuneration, better working conditions, and better anal cavities.

I am not in a position to speculate on this any further, but it is surely inevitable.