India: A Barbaric, Unpalletable Society

So there I was, walking around in New Delhi, or Bombay. I'm not exactly sure which one I went to, and frankly I don't care to know. Ill tell you something for nothing though, whichever one it was has got serious municipal hygiene problems. Chances are they both do though.

While I was only there for 10 days or so  I did have an opportunity to observe Indian religious practices in great detail.

 Before I go any further I should prefix these remarks by saying that I have very limited respect for the Hindu belief system. I just found it very questionable. Even more than the other mainstream religions. It just seems like a weird cult that somehow became really popular and is now out of control.

From what I was able to gleam from my chauffeur and guide, Indians look to three areas for their spiritual needs, Firstly yoga, then a blue lady with many arms, and a elephant person. Here are pictures of the last two.

As I said, very questionable.

There is also a 4th sphere relating to cows. My guide explained it, but I switched off halfway through. giving him my trademark blank look of disinterest counter balanced for the sake of appearances with lots of head nodding.

Indians don't eat beef. As a result of this, there are many cows roaming around their cities. Most are mangy, disease ridden, so not edible anyway. This is another reason why so many Indian cities smell really poorly.

Here is a picture I took at the train station. There was a cow on the platform. I don't know if it got on the train, but it probably could if it wanted to.  Note the monkeys as well. Like the cows and citizens, they also poo everywhere.

40degree heat.
Unwashed, unkempt, purulent Indian flesh.
Cows shitting wherever they please.

Just to illustrate this point again here is a picture taken of me (behind black) with a cow. Just out of coincidence, look at how many other cows are in the background.

Such an unpalatable society. God only knows how they managed to learn cricket and English. At least we can take solice in the fact that they do both poorly.