Christmas In Tokyo

Filed by: The Author of tIoGT
The global recession may have forced some city councils around the world to scale back on their Christmas budgets, but thank god some cities still know how to show a bit of Christmas cheer!

No one does a bit of razzle dazzle quite like the Americans do they? And while many in middle America wont have the spare cash to decorate, or indeed even pay the mortgage on their homes this Christmas, it was business as usual for many big city illumination displays.

Here’s a very dandy snap of my favorite Xmas display, New York’s Rockefeller Center.

Yep, those Americans sure do know how to illuminate a tree!

Oo-la-la! They French are no slouches either.

Here’s a lovely photograph of the Chrismas tree in the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris.

Christmas is a big down south as well. Here, thousands of inebriated Australian’s gather around a tree in Sydney’s delightful Martin Place.

I just wonder how they managed to keep enough people sober long enough to set it all up?

Not even the thrifty Scots are prepared to skimp on something as great as Christmas!

Why even the normally fiscally responsible Mr. Obama managed to pimp out his front lawn with a beautiful display this year.

As Christmas illumination is such a big deal in so many countries, it should come as no surprise that Tokyo has also been spending up big to restore a bit of national pride following the failed 2016 Olympic bid.

Feast your eyes on this elaborate Xmas display I was lucky enough to spot during a recent stroll in downtown Shibuya.

It sure is great to know that even a 19 year long (and counting!) recession can’t dim the spirits or imaginations of Tokyo civic planners. Not for one instant!!

You should have seen the delight on the little children’s faces as they walked into Moss Burger.

Frequent tIoGT visitors will know that one of the prime factors behind Japan’s post war economic miracle was a relentless drive to adopt only the most beneficial and palatable aspects of western culture. If don’t know if that true or not, but if it is, then its certainly no exaggeration to say that its business as usual in Shibuya!

Surely it can’t be long now before innovative promotional campaigns like this have Japan’s recession weary consumers opening their wallets and spending the economy back into the black!! Great work Shibuya, the Institute of Good Taste salutes you!!