Haikyo - Azabudai Urban Ruins

Filed by: The Author of tIoGT

My travels recently took me to leafy Azabudai, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Tokyo. Lots of old money types, expat bankers, well connected government bureaucrats, that type of thing. Given the area’s flash reputation and wealth of design, I was quite taken aback to find a little parcel of genuine abandoned haikyo waiting for me. If you don’t know Haikyo is please aquaint yourself here.

Large parcels of the entire street were seemingly deserted and completely void of any signs of recent human habitation.

Rust, overgrown plants, deserted structures, and pure silence.

Windows boarded. Doors nailed. Staircases wired off.

A haiko lovers paradise. The entire area had an incredibly eerie feeling of an old mine, or a school during summer break.

The only sign of life on this entire street was a weathered old shack with some laundry out to dry. I wouldn’t be surprised if this structure was pre war.