Sampling The Sweet Delights of Lady Vegas

Guest Blog Filed by: IoGT Chaplain Fr. David Sarsbury 
I was lucky enough to recently travel to Las Vegas to participate in a large religious themed convention held every 2 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. The convention is a major draw card for many self-styled evangelists and tech savvy religious leaders like myself.

After checking into the resort casino complex I was staying at, I settled down to read in my room for a few hours ahead of the convention.

After passing a few hours this way, I headed down to the bar to join many of fellow conventioneers for a drink or two. It was there that I also managed to strike up a conversation with a pretty bar tender named Samantha.

We talked for some time, and as it would happen, she later agreed to share a drink with me in my room after her shift. One thing eventually led to another and I am not ashamed to say that I wasn’t long before we were undressing each other.

Partway through though, she seemed to be having seconds thoughts for she asked me, “Father Sarsbury, are you sure it is all right for us to be doing this? I mean, you’re a holy man?”

I simply replied “My sweet child, it is written in the Bible.” She took me at my word and we spent a very pleasant night together.

The next morning as we were both preparing to leave, the young lady turned to me and said “Father Sarsbury, I am having trouble remember that passage in the Bible you referred to last night. Could you show me?”

In response to this, I took the Gideon Bible from the nightstand, opened the cover and pointed to the relevant passage. To her surprise, there inside the cover, somebody had inscribed “The bartender puts out.”