Urban Intrigue in Roppongi

Filed by: The Author of tIoGT

I was strolling about in Hinokicho Park, Roppongi at the Tokyo Midtown complex the other afternoon, enjoying everything the sunny winter’s day had to offer. Couldn’t help but think how lucky nearby residents are to have such a wonderful place close by.

I have been there many times but this time around I noticed something about the walking tracks that flow through the park’s wonderful Japanese gardens and reflection pond.

 I am a touch embarrassed to say I missed this in the past but the walking tracks feature the impression of fallen leaves and foliage pressed into the concrete base.

Given the level of detail shown in concrete I would guess that the impressions were left using molds or prefabricated blocks, rather than actual leaves pressed into the concrete.

Most of the leave impressions were also encircled by a ring of newer concrete, which probably means they were done after the paths were initially concreted in early 2007.

I sure hope it has been done fairly recently because I usually notice features like this, and would have been embarrassed to have missed it in the past.

I would be surprised if this was an original idea, but nonetheless, it is the first time I have seen it done.

Very effective, and supposedly very inexpensive as well. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of this in the future.